Kuzu Zangpo la !

a Middle Path to Bhutan warmly welcomes you to visit Bhutan, the Thunder Dragon Kingdom.

Hidden deep in the Himalayas, Bhutan is a small and peaceful Kingdom unlike any other country; where selfless and enlightened monarchs lead by example; where friendly and deeply spiritual people and nature co-exist in a pristine setting; where ancient traditions remain an integral part of the colorful living culture; and where the philosophy of Gross National Happiness guides the country towards holistic development for peoples’ happiness and well-being.

There is much to do and experience in Bhutan ranging from social, cultural, spiritual, and adventure activities. a Middle Path to Bhutan offers its guests quality, personalized, and comprehensive tour services, delivered by responsible, caring, and experienced members of its team and partners in the tourism community.

a Middle Path to Bhutan has catered to discerning visitors across every age group from all over the world. Testimony to our service is the large number of repeat visitors who continue to visit Bhutan through us, and with whom we have developed lasting friendships.

We are passionate about being Bhutanese, and relish the opportunity to present to our guests the many unique, authentic, and interesting facets of the Bhutanese and their way of life.

By choosing a Middle Path to Bhutan, you can be assured of an enjoyable holiday in Bhutan that will leave a memorable impression on your life.

Discover with us the Treasures of the Last Himalayan Buddhist Kingdom!

Tashi Delek !


With the recent adoption of a revised High Value Low Volume tourism policy in Bhutan, we are in the process of updating our website. Once the revised rules / regulations are announced by the Tourism Council of Bhutan, we will be offering exciting life-enriching holiday experiences for our guests from all over the world.

As you wait for Bhutan to reopen its doors to tourism by September 23, 2022, enjoy this video on Bhutan.